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Sabrina Moberly - Videographer, Editor, Producer and Director

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Who is playaMotion pictures?

Meet Sabrina Moberly

Sabrina started her own production company in July of 2013. Her main motivation to venture on her own after years of working for other production companies was to be able to tell the stories that make the difference to her local community. Video, images and art can impact and change the world! Sabrina is passionate about telling stories creatively, authentically and most important...truthfully.

Knowledge & Experience

Sabrina has been working and studying film since 1998 when she started college at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She moved to LA for 7 years where she was a video editor and associate producer. She moved back to Reno, NV in 2010 where she continued to edit and associate produce on commercials and reality TV. She now shoots, produces, edits and directs creative content for local businesses and people in Reno.

Film Local, Share Global

Telling the stories and sharing the experiences of people in your own world is so powerful. If you can also tell the story creatively and focusing on the human experience, we can all learn a great deal. To use video and stills to tell the stories of the real people is the main objective of playaMotion pictures. If you have an important story to tell about your business or life then contact Sabrina today!


All Geared Up

Shooting on the Sony A7s, a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with multiple lens options, audio recording capabilities, wireless mics, led panel lights, go pros, a slider, tripods, and a steadicam.

Tell YOUR story

Everybody has their own unique experiences and events that create their lives. If your business or personal life story is yearning to be shared, playaMotion pictures can help!

One Stop Shop

Here at playaMotion pictures we offer writing, editing, shooting, directing, and producing services. We can help you to determine the best way to tell your story, and then produce it from concept to distribution. 

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